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Solusquare Commerce Cloud features an application base whose every feature was designed to make Entry Points and Exit Points available to the Data Connector. As such, integrating a feature that is already present in a business’s internal or external IS can be done in a completely natural way.

It is not a matter of being
able to integrate things,
it is a matter of being
able to integrate things


A comprehensive library of connectors and APIs.
We have designed the solution with entry points and exit points for every functional component so that it can connect with third-party systems.


An information exchange platform.
Absorbing your business’s digital transformation differently, our solution can be used as a platform for exchanging information by making systems communicate with each other.

we are used to adapting
to our customers’ ecosystem and defining
as many integration formats as possible


modernise your business
without breaking up the systems already in place
and consider removing or improving them over time

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