Use digital to bring traffic to your store!

The role of the physical point of sale is profoundly transformed. It is the changes in consumer purchasing behavior that have contributed to the modification of stores. These increasingly connected consumers want Any Time, Any Where, Any Device information. In other words, they want to be able to meet their information needs anytime, anywhere and via any any terminal. Whether in store on their smartphone or at home in front of the computer, you need to help people find you in order to get more traffic to your store.

How to restore value to points of sale? What synergies can be created between the “physical” and “digital” world?

 Create synergies between online and offline presences

The stores have real strengths. However, the question is how to implement a digital strategy around the store that can adapt to new purchasing paths. This, by making sure to acquire new customers and retain those already known.

The synergies between online and offline presences can be based on the re-enchantment of the experience and on customer loyalty via new online sales promotion techniques. The possibilities are many. Discover below some ideas to attract more in-store traffic thanks to digital.

 "Digital-to-Store" or how to guide Internet users from the internet to the store?

Many consumers search the Internet to find out if a store that sells the product they are looking for is near them. Schedules and notices are also widely consulted. These uses are all placed under the somewhat suitcase term of “digital-to-store”. It's up to you to put in place techniques that guide potential buyers to your street and to your shop.
Use SEO on “store locators”, develop a store mobile app, do location of products in stock, suggest the click & collect or even the geo-located couponing … All of these tools allow you to be put forward in the eyes of consumers during their web searches. These numerous possibilities always bring you closer to your audience.
It's up to you to reflect on the objectives of your store's digitization: develop the average basket, reduce costs, reduce waiting times, sell more at off-peak hours, etc. Depending on your objectives, you will simply determine a "digital to store" strategy. to set up in order to guide Internet users to your physical store.

Optimize in-store customer knowledge with appropriate digital tools

Currently, consumers are real players in their customer journey. They want to make the best purchase possible and practices result from this: product comparisons on marketplaces and price comparisons, consultation of customer reviews on the brand's website, on social networks and on discussion forums.

These increasingly discerning consumers are forcing brick-and-mortar stores to make a difference. Sellers must truly offer added value to the customer. In this sense, the “connected seller” is born. It is the fact of providing sellers with simple tools

(tablets, smartphones, etc.) making it possible to find relevant information on customers (profiles, purchase history, centers of interest, products placed in the basket, etc.) in order to be able to offer them sound advice in-store.

The challenge here is to manage to obtain an overview of the customers. In other words, what is at stake is whether Mr X has made such and such a purchase on such and such a distribution channel. With a global vision, the seller will have a head start and will certainly be able to offer much more relevant purchase suggestions.

 Your e-commerce site should not only be used to record sales. Indeed, it is a real vector of activity for your store. Think about creating synergies between your different distribution channels in order to offer a seamless shopping experience for ubiquitous and nomadic consumers. Support your store's activity with an optimal online presence!