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Initially designed for high traffic sites, our solution makes it possible to deal with volume and massification issues. Solusquare provides its customers with its Private Cloud offer, state-of-the-art hosting, the main core of which is hosted in France, in a Tier 4 Datacenter. Environments can be provisioned throughout the world in partnership with service providers. cloud meeting the security and performance standards required by Solusquare.

Cloud Service

In a few numbers

Solusquare Commerce Cloud has a secure private Cloud in a Tier 4 Data Center. Solusquare experts deploy scalable environments on Public or Private Cloud internationally. By always respecting our requirements in terms of security, performance, and availability, we are increasing the number of accommodations in order to always offer the best experience to Internet users. Throughout the world, we select cloud platform distribution partners who meet our requirements.


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We have created and manage our own private cloud infrastructure in France


Scalable architecture calibrated for at least 300% of your maximum need


Own optimized and secure Cloud infrastructure in a Tier 4 Data Center


Back-up Restore system on several centers

Safety plan

We regularly carry out free external audits to certify the reliability and security of our infrastructure

Dashboard Technical platform

Technical monitoring is provided by our technical teams. The customer is copied on any alerts. KPIs are communicated monthly on the level of service of the platform

Disaster Recovery Plan (PRA)

End-to-end lined architecture. Option offered to customers with redundant architecture with multi-site routing