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Solusquare Commerce Cloud has an application base, each function of which has been designed to provide the Data Connector with Entry Points and Exit Points. Thus, the integration of a functionality already present in the internal or external IS of the company is done in a completely natural way.

Connect and pacify data with an open architecture

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Solusquare shares similar business coverage with many other software. Combined with the modularity of our solution, this allows a simplification of exchanges and rapid interfacing.

To make omnichannel possible, data must be able to flow between the different systems.

Ultra-interfaceable, the API-First architecture of Solusqare Commerce Cloud makes it possible to pacify data.

The solution is designed with entry points and exit points on each functional brick. Solusquare Commerce Cloud supports all exchange formats (API, Web Services, etc.) and can therefore interface just as well with business IS as with third-party IS, of which you have a few examples here.


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Third Party IS

We designed the solution with entry points and exit points on each functional brick to connect to third-party systems.

Absorbing the digital transformation of your company from another angle, our solution can be used as a platform for exchanging information by communicating between systems.