A platform
simple, comprehensive,
efficient and flexible

Solusquare Commerce Cloud is a complete and modular software that unifies commerce and digital. Solusquare Commerce Cloud addresses all types of international B2B and B2C projects serving brands, distributors and pure players. Agile, efficient and quick to deploy, the implementation is carried out by Integrators and Agencies selected by Solusquare for their fashion expertise. SaaS.


& multi-front

Solusquare Commerce Cloud allows you to centralize all your brands from a single space with a single customer repository. With a single repository, centralize the customer experience and access to information (products, prices)

multistore display

Several brands

Several Client IS

Several logisticians

Unique customer repository

Single Back Office

Optimized Management

B2B shop

B2B E-Shop

Solusquare Commerce Cloud makes it possible to address the expectations of B2B commerce by combining the latest B2C advances and the specificities of B2B: professional prices and catalogs, B2B customer space, recurring orders, end-of-month invoicing, etc.

We natively integrate a functional range
exhaustive as well as all the specificities
B2B e-Commerce


Business customer accounts
Trade receivables, deferred invoicing, management of outstandings

User right

Management of rights, access, permissions by user, entities…


Adaptive catalogs according to customers

Personalized business management

Price lists and specific discounts

Customer relationship management

Buyer/Seller interactions

advanced OMS

Advanced OMS capabilities Global, recurrent, monitoring, orchestration…



Multi-country, multilingual, multi-currency and multi-taxation, Solusquare Commerce Cloud allows you to launch into new countries in a few days by integrating local consumption habits, precise rules in terms of SEO, European regulations or local laws.

international view





mobile tab


Solusquare Commerce Cloud is the only solution natively designed for omnichannel. In addition to its MPos web application, it embeds by default all devices such as e-Reservation, Store Locator, Click & Collect, stock visibility, reassignment of commercial margins for affiliate networks or directly, Exchanges & Refunds…

Unclog the cash registers: the application acts as a cash register

Credit card readers connected by Bluetooth

Electronic payment terminals (TPE) with mobile payment

Access to transaction history: online/offline/paper

The customer receives his CB ticket either by SMS or by email

Range extension: share a complete catalog

In-Store Sale Order: in-store delivery, at home

Inventory management and preview with the customer