What type of market is Solusquare aimed at?

We natively offer all the elements necessary for the success of any B2B, B2C and B2G product or service business. Tracking all these interactions and responding to these new modes of consumption requires the implementation of a new adapted technology.

What is Unified Commerce?

Unified commerce is based on the principle of a unified basket between physical store and digital store. Unified Commerce is a cousin of Commerce omnichannel and it differs from traditional compartmentalized commerce. It enables a more modern, smoother personalized customer journey across all touchpoints.

What insights does Solusquare provide to help me develop my sales strategy?

Solusquare offers a range of functionalities adapted to your needs as well as external integrations

Is the Solusquare solution suitable for my business?

If your company sells online and wants to generate qualified leads, you are the ideal reference for Solusquare. In most cases, the Solusquare Commerce Cloud solution is used by companies with significant sales cycles and aiming to provide added value to customers.


To get an idea of ​​Solusquare, we suggest that you make an appointment for a demo in order to discuss the solution and your needs.

Should I change my entire organization at once? Would I need to create an entirely new one?

No, you won't need to change everything. Solusquare offers three types of redesign tailored to your challenges: total replatforming, partial replatforming and intelligent replatforming.


The Solusquare solution can therefore be inserted both on a complete base (new base) or on an existing base.

Is there a community I can chat with?

Our LinkedIn page is a good place to be kept up to date with news about our solution, give you an opinion and contact our team to discuss what Solusquare could bring you.

What is SaaS mode?

Exits stands for Software As A Service. It is an online software solution, hosted in the cloud. The solution Exits can be used as a monthly subscription. This mode therefore allows companies to subscribe to the Solusquare Commerce Cloud solution remotely, instead of having to install everything on their computer equipment.

What is omnichannel commerce?

When a brand uses the principle of commerce omnichannel, this means that it can be used on several sales channels, and simultaneously.

Solusquare is the only solution natively designed for omnichannel, and embeds all its devices by default (e-commerce sites, mobile first, store shelves, e-reservation, etc.). Technology partnerships have been established to complement the company's needs in omnichannel

My customers are mainly abroad, is this a problem for Solusquare?

Solusquare Commercer Cloud is a multi-country, multilingual, multi-currency and multi-taxation solution. Solusquare provides all these customers with tools enabling them to diversify their clientele, whether French or elsewhere!

The security of my data and that of my users is very important to me. How does Solusquare handle this area?

The Solusquare Commerce Cloud infrastructure natively integrates secure exchange formats: Encrypted files, transfer by FTP protocols, implementation of a redundant VPN between Solusquare Commerce Cloud and the company's IS, etc. All solutions to secure and make the information more reliable.


In addition, Solusquare is also in partnership with Nabuu, the Thales startup, which secures and guarantees the confidentiality of personal data.

I don't know much about unified commerce, does Solusquare provide tutorial content?

To help and support you, Solusquare provides you with a Blog page containing news, solutions and advice where each month a new article is published written by one of our e-commerce experts.


For very specific information about your project, we advise you to contact us directly via the Contact page.