Solusquare was created in 2003 by Benoit Fazilleau and Géry Lermoyer. The company offers a solution natively omnichannel robust and agile in fashion SaaS (Software As A Service).
The management team is made up of its founding members: Benoit Fazilleau, Chairman and Géry Lermoyer, Director of Operations, Rachel El Idrissi, Sales Director in charge of developing and implementing the strategy, and Guillaume Podgorski, Director of Information system.

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2001 - 2003


The story of the project began in March 2001. Initially co-designed on paper between Benoit Fazilleau and operational managers, the founding team of Solusquare developed an e-commerce solution for the merchant site. The objective: to ensure good management of the activity. Following its implementation, the workforce fell from 65 to 35 people thanks to the automation of tasks and the optimization of processes. In 2002, the company switched to the model of catalog sales in addition to group purchasing, to finally abandon group purchasing in 2003. When it was sold to TopAchat in May 2003, Clust achieved a turnover of of 35 million euros for a constant workforce of 35 people.

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2003 – 2012

Shop Builder

Following the acquisition of Clust, the founding team of Solusquare was able to negotiate the acquisition of the technologies they had developed in the context of Clust, i.e. the entire ERP e-commerce to launch an offer in early 2004 under the name BoutiqueBuilder. A first site, dedicated to the art of the table, in the form of a business model with a monthly flat rate like the other “flat rate” ASP solutions (mainly Powerboutique which was then a reference in the sector) was born.

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2012 – Today


Became Solusquare in 2012 to prepare for its international development and get rid of the image of a solution intended for VSEs and small SMEs, the company markets from its "Solusquare Commerce Cloud" platform, the functional richness of which is particularly suited to brands. and companies with between 50 million and 2 billion euros in turnover. natively omnichannel (web, mobile, digital instore), the power of the solution also makes it possible to support the digital launch of existing companies, both B2B and B2C, wishing to enter the market as well as projects with very strong ambitions to allow them to progress without having to to question their technological choices.

Benoit Fazilleau - President
Solusquare CEO

Benoit Fazilleau
- President

35 years of experience in IT Retail B2C & B2B, including 25 years in the service of e-commerce & Phygital.

Designer and Founder of the Solusquare Commerce Cloud e-Commerce platform.

The Solusquare team

Géry Lermoyer - Associate Founder

Gery Lermoyer

Associate Founder

Rachel El Idrissi

Rachel El Idrissi

Sales and Marketing Director

Guillaume Podgorski - IT Director

William Podgorski

Director of IT


Amélie Kermonnach - Front-end development

Amelie Kermonnach

Front end developer

Laurent Giraudo - Develop Back-end

Laurent Giraudo

Back-end developer

Benoit Borriglion - Develop Back-end

Benoit Borriglion

Front End Developer

Charles Malvoisin-Gebel - Systems and Network Administrator

Charles Malvoisin-Gebel

System and Network Administrator

Alain Schacher

Alain Schacher

Back-end developer

Joseph Ricciardella Project Manager

Joseph Ricciardella

Project Manager

Mustapha Dahou - Assistant business director

Mustapha Dahou

Assistant Business Director

Vanessa Lermoyer - Library Resources Manager

Vanessa Lermoyer

Resource Manager

Aziz Berrais

Aziz Berrais

Back-end developer

Anthony Vauvert Marketing

Anthony Vauvert


mathieu guignes

Mathieu Guignes

Back-end developer

Alexis Delaporte

Alexis Delaporte

Back-end developer

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