The challenges faced by the e-Commerce Director are crucial: Omni-channel, Internationalization, B2B and B2C, data centralisation, security, market intelligence. The Solusquare Commerce Cloud platform incorporates a global and relevant solution.

Adopt rational and comprehensive solutions developed
from 15 years of experience gained
with international leaders in e-commerce.


Solusquare Commerce Cloud is the only natively designed omni-channel solution that comes with all devices as standard. Technology partnerships have been set up to complement omni-channel business requirements.


– Mobile first

– Store tablets

– VDI tablets

– E-Booking

– Store Locator

– Click &Collect

– Product line expansion


Solusquare Commerce Cloud is the only solution that can expand into new countries in a few days. Its native functions enable local consumer habits to be managed, as well as precise rules covering SEO, European or local regulations.


– Multi-pays

– Multilingue

– Multidevise

– Multi-taxation

– Fast and seamless deployment on a single instance

B2C and B2B

The next major surge in e-commerce will be mass business-to-business relations. B2B customers are now expecting a similar experience to what is proposed by a B2C e-commerce site. Solusquare Commerce Cloud can satisfy these expectations by combining the latest progress in B2C with the specific features of B2B.


– Shared vision


– Specific features


– Interoperability between information systems


Multiple brands, trademarks or stores, Solusquare Commerce Cloud centralizes commercial management and organization from a single location. Streamline your organization while managing and promoting each entity’s specific features.


– Resource pooling


– Resource pooling


– Data control


The Solusquare Commerce Cloud infrastructure natively integrates secure exchange formats: Encrypted files, file transfer protocols, redundant VPN set up between Solusquare Commerce Cloud and the company’s IS, etc. A complete range of solutions to secure information and improve reliable are on offer.


– GDPR-compliant


– Redundant environments


– Tier 4 datacentre


– Hosting in France


– Backup every 15 minutes

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